504 Plan Module

Resources overview

A 504 plan is an attempt to remove barriers and allow students with disabilities to participate freely in both public elementary and secondary education. The 504 Plan Module from Siras Systems uses an organized workflow to assist the user in developing a compliant 504 plans in both English and in Spanish. Easily coordinate with general education teachers using specialized communication features. Address medical, behavior, and/or academic concerns. Also, the 504 Plan Module can be used in tandem with our SST Module for a smooth workflow.

Some of the features include:


Meetings automatically plotted.

Student List

Select from a predefined list, customize a list, then sort and query students.


Develop and graph statistical reports.

MIS Summary

Page that lays out all the important information about the student on one page.


Warnings and reminders of upcoming meetings.

504 Forms

Available in both English and Spanish translating all popup menus.

Completing 504 Forms

504 Form validation to ensure compliance.

Medical Section

Build medical reports and health care plans.

Make Labels

Create Avery address labels.

Document Upload

Upload forms associated with the student or the 504 meeting.

Export Data

Export a variety of student data in Excel; DBF or CSV.

Added Forms

Upload commonly used forms for easy access.

Home Page

Notification Summaries and with Bulletin Board managed by 504 Clerk.

Discipline Module

Comprehensive Discipline Module to record suspensions and expulsions.

Student History

Logs all 504 meetings and the forms associated with meetings.

Customizable Forms

504 Clerk Level (district); 504 Coordinator (school/site); or Read only levels of access.

SIS System Integration

Integrate your student database system with SIRAS 504 Plan module.

General Ed Information Request

SIRAS enables the 504 Coordinator to send emails to the student’s general education teachers that contain a link which opens a special input module within the SIRAS website that will allow the teacher to provide comments and information concerning the student. These comments are automatically collected to create a comprehensive General Education Summary Report. This process avoids the need to manage user accounts; although user accounts for the general education teachers and other specialists can be generated in SIRAS.