SIRAS Systems


The SELPA Information Records and Analysis Support, or SIRAS Systems, is a comprehensive web based database program that provides online management of student IEP and SELPA data. SIRAS reduces IEP paperwork by managing the accuracy of the data, while validating the student’s compliance status. SIRAS is the 2nd most widely used and fastest growing IEP/Caseload management/CASEMIS system in California with over 175 districts in 20 SELPA. The simple and logical interface allows the user to navigate through the system intuitively. The use of dropdown menus contained within forms of the IEP Manager, combined with our unique GoalWizard, allow SIRAS the ability to instantly translate the majority of your IEP from English to Spanish. With 20 years of experience, SIRAS has been uniquely crafted to meet our client’s expectations of a qualified comprehensive IEP system. Design elements from a collaboration of special education teachers, CASEMIS clerks, special ed. support staff and other related technological staff over time to accommodate common IEP, IEP to SIS, CASEMIS needs, including the transition to CALPADS.