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Browser Based Student Information Systems

The new SIRAS System is developed using “Leading edge” web technology. SIRAS has been called the "Cadillac of IEP programs" because of its many comprehensive and integrated features, its ability to guide the user to ensure compliance, and for its simplicity. SIRAS is more than just an IEP program that produces forms. It checks the accuracy of the paperwork, checks and documents the student's compliance status, and manages paperwork. The user navigates through the SIRAS software using a simple and logical user interface. When using the many popup menus and the GoalWizard SIRAS can translate your IEP forms from English into Spanish onto the Spanish IEP forms instantly. With 15 years of experience, SIRAS is the only IEP program entirely designed and created by special education teachers and related services to accommodate their needs.
The SIRAS back-end is implemented using Hibernate technology, making it both platform and database independent. This allows the SIRAS server to run on ANY operating system that supports Java and on any of the major relational databases (MSSQL, ORACLE etc).

SIRAS Login Links

- Ventura County SELPA            |   Training Version
- Kern SELPA                            |   Training Version
- Monterey County SELPA          |   Training Version
- Kern High School District          |   Training Version
- Bakersfield City School District  |   Training Version
- LACOE Charter Schools           |   Training Version
- Riverside Unified                       |   Training Version

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SIRAS Features and Capabilities



  • Easy customization of the system and inclusion of your SELPA/district forms.

  • GoalWizard develops legally defendable goals and translates them into Spanish; behaviors aligned to standards; over 5,600 behaviors encompassing all Domains aligned to curriculum.
  • Forms in English and Spanish: fill out the English form and popup menus translate instantly into Spanish on the Spanish form.
  • Complete CASEMIS validation and support; no longer need to use CDE CASEMIS program. (explained during presentation)
  • Any kind of document can be attached to record such as a doctor’s note or a psychological evaluation.
  • Statistical reports with graphing capabilities.
  • Customizable lists and queries that can be saved.
  • Conductivity between any modern SIS (i.e. Aeries, Genesis, PowerSchool, Synergy, Zangle/Q, etc.) and SIRAS to passively pass data to and from systems via scheduled im/exports or drivers.
  • Customizable user roles and access levels.
  • Compliance reports all color coded.
  • Personnel report.
  • View only options for DOR records: have view only access of IEPs for your DOR students.
  • Avery Labels.
  • DRDP & STAR reporting.
  • Organized workflow: based on the meeting purpose SIRAS will provide the required and optional forms for that student.
  • Case manager / School / District Calendar & Bulletin Board.
  • SELPA / District / School compliance summaries.
  • Internal messaging and support system with online training videos. | (805) 685-4657 | Copyright © 2008 - 2014 SIRAS Systems Inc., All Rights Reserved.